Mary’s Autobiography


It was 1960 and I was in third grade and every thing seemed normal; until I got home that is and found my mother crying. In those days the adults didn’t think that children my age understood much of anything. It wasn’t until I over-heard the adults talking, that I found out that my father died. It was a great loss to me because I was very close to my father. And then life as it was went on.Then, two years later, my mom had a neighbor visiting and I over heard a conversation where the visitor said, “Do the kids know”. My mother’s response was, “no”, and that was all that was said. I wanted so badly to question my mother however, in those days, children never questioned the adults; after all, they knew what was good for us.

Weeks later I watched my mom hand over my baby-sister, who was three years old, and my youngest brother, who was five years old, to my father’s parents; my grandparents. My sister cried. I didn’t want to be parted from her mother. I, being the oldest at ten years old, felt a responsibility to comfort her. I tried, but it didn’t stop her from crying for her mother. It was soon after that, my other two sisters and my self (we were five kids in all) were shipped off to my mother’s side of the family. My sisters and I were separated, living in different homes. My mother went into the hospital and two years later (1964), died. That was the beginning of my nightmare. The details aren’t necessary. Jesus has been glorified in my life and my sibling’s lives.

I married in 1970 and was a mess. I hated life and didn’t think that I was valuable; let alone could learn anything that would benefit me for the future. In 1978, after we moved to California, a Christian friend came into my life and introduced me to an Evangelical Church and eventually introduced me to Jesus. After receiving Jesus, I wanted everything. I wasn’t hesitant about praying in tongues, the gifts of the spirit, or reading and studying the Bible. I wanted all that the Lord had to offer. I had a new found freedom and yet, I had a long road ahead of me. My husband and I attended a church called Believers Faith Center and it was there that we were grounded and founded in the Word of God and trained to be lead by the Spirit. I had my first teaching experience there, being very involved with the Women’s Ministry. It was also there that I learned I had a calling on my life; to teach the Word of God. I was the producer of a radio broadcast that our church sponsored on KYSL called Covenant Woman. It aired on Saturday mornings at 7:00 AM after which, counseling was available to the listeners. I, along with another, would counsel the Word of God, setting the caller free. It was also with this church that I participated in door to door witnessing where one hundred and thirteen people came to the Lord. I give Him all the praise and honor. He is worthy.

A defining moment was when I was asked to teach, once a month at a new church we were attending. This meant I would teach men and women, at a Sunday evening service, for the first time in my Christian walk. This was challenging but I loved it. I was also the right hand to the pastor’s wife. We both did the Women’s Ministry together where I was also used to teach the Word of God.

In 1990 I started Women Alive Ministries International Inc. Word of God was taught and the women learned how to use this same Word to maintain their walk in the Lord. There were outreaches to the poor and blankets provided for the homeless. Four new ministries came out of Women Alive Ministries.

A large prophetic ministry in Orange County California was where my real training came. I learned how to walk in the anointing and maintain it in my life. I saw the empowerment of God’s Word, and the manifestation of the gifts of the spirit and people were set free. The highlight of my time with this beautiful ministry was when I was asked to speak to a Philippines Catholic Church in Los Angeles. God was so good to us; there were miracles in manifestation. It was here that my husband and I were ordained.

The love of my heart is our ministry, Never Ending Word Studies (NEWS).It has been developed over the years through much prayer and hearing from the Lord. NEWS teaches people how to study the Word of God. The students learn how to write Scripture prayers and do Word, itemized, character, and essay studies. The goal is to study the Word as if to teach. By the time the student is done with this inductive study, they know how to put a teaching together for any occasion for any length of time. I’ve taught NEWS in the States and in Maidenhead England. In 1999 my husband and I left England and NEWS is still being taught there. Currently I’m teaching two NEWS classes at Foothill Family Church. I’ve written a book based on this course (currently being edited) that takes any individual through the entire program.

I’m also completing another book on the Armor of God which should be going into editing very soon.

I also managed to find time to get my Bachelors degree in Church Ministry and a Masters and Doctorate degrees in Biblical Studies from the Sure Foundation Theological Institute .

I enjoy seeing the people of God set free through His Word. My greatest joy comes when I see the unsaved become saved, receiving Jesus in their heart. Then developing and influencing these young babes, teaching them who they are in Christ Jesus.

Life has been very interesting and there has never been a dull moment since receiving Jesus in my heart. That old past has been dead for a very long time.

Mary Giangreco